Staż w dziale skautingu

An internship within IFK Värnamo gives you:

  • An experience in elite football
  • A good work experience on your CV
  • Education in scouting based on IFK Värnamo's methods
  • Access to an elite football club in the Allsvenskan
  • An insight into our coaching team and good relations with them
  • Access to all our scouting tools,
  • Access to scouting tickets,
  • An opportunity to possibly become part of a succession plan in our future recruitments.

Working hours:

  • Note that the work will take place under free responsibility in your spare time and remotely with a weekly report to the Sporting Director.
  • In addition to that, the entire scouting organization will gather (remotely) on a weekly basis where they present their results.


  • 6 Months

Questions and applications are only answered via e-mail.

Opublikowano 19 kwietnia 2024

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